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Free Checking? Check.

Checking that pays dividends? Check.

Mobile tools & free ATM? Check.

Not all tools are created equally. Some are great – but only serve one purpose – like a corkscrew or a shoehorn. Other tools are more indispensable. Take your checking account. You probably use it just about every day to deposit money, make payments, or simply gauge your financial well-being by checking your balance. At Y-12, all our checking accounts give you so many ways to manage your finances – like access to online and mobile banking. All accounts feature a free Visa® Debit Cards you can use surcharge-free at thousands of in-network ATMs around the country. Some of our accounts even pay you dividends and rewards. Y-12 checking accounts are so useful, they’re like a tool within a tool.

Free Checking

Nobody likes fees! That’s why we offer a Free Checking Account that’s really free. Enjoy a debit card, Online Banking, Mobile Banking and unlimited check writing, all for free – because life is more fun without fees.

Premier Checking

We think you should be rewarded for maintaining a higher balance – literally. Open a Premier Checking Account and get a VISA Reward Debit card that lets you earn Loyalty Reward points you can redeem for cash, gift cards or travel. Plus, you’ll get free money orders and cashier’s checks and earn tiered dividends, with no fees as long as you maintain a balance of $1,000 (because fees are the opposite of rewards).

High Yield Checking

Ready to earn more money with your money? We’re here to help. With a High Yield Checking Account, you’ll earn dividends with a low minimum balance of just $500. Use those dividends for the things you want out of life – like a dream vacation, a new car, or simply a bigger bank account balance.

Classic 55 Checking

Don’t let anyone tell you growing older doesn’t have its benefits! Our Classic 55 Checking Account is a free account that earns dividends on balances of $1,000 or more and features free overdraft protection, among other discounts. Sign up as soon as you’re old enough and make your 54-year-old friends jealous.

Impact Checking for Teens

Because you probably get tired of handing your teen money all the time, get them a checking account of their own. With Impact Checking for Teens, 13-18-year-olds will learn financial literacy with a checking account designed specifically for them. They’ll get free checking, educational opportunities and quarterly incentives for avoiding overdrafts, and even a free gift at sign up (and another one on their birthday). Let’s hear them try asking for more money from you now.

Debit Cards

We believe in the power of making your money work for you. Our VISA Cebit card and VISA Rewards Debit cards (which reward you for the purchases you make every day) work everywhere VISA is accepted and give you all the convenience, security and benefits of a nationwide credit union network. With thousands of fee-free ATM’s across the country, you’ll have the power to pay your way – all day, every day.

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