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Here for those whose 9 to 5 is 24/7.

You pour so much into your business because its success matters for so many reasons. It’s your livelihood, for starters. Plus, you have employees, customers, and vendors, who all depend on you. That can be a lot of pressure! But don’t let it get you down, because we’ve got your back. We know what you need, because we’re in business ourselves, and we’re prepared go the extra mile for you, because we know that when businesses prosper, our whole community prospers. That’s why we’ll work hard for you and your business, and provide you with easy access to the guidance, services, and capital you need to succeed.

Cash Management

Managing your business means minding your in-flows and your out-flows. We’ll help you do just that with time-saving tools and services that help you easily pay bills, transfer funds, review accounts, verify transactions, manage payroll, and more.

Business Bill Pay

As a business owner, we know you’ve got a lot on your plate. Business Bill Pay is designed to help you schedule and manage electronic payments with ease. That gives you more time to do what’s important… like make it home for dinner on time.

Inova Payroll

Turns out that employees want to get paid – accurately and on time. What a shock. Fortunately, Inova Payroll’s tailored suite of services can meet your needs, whether you’re a mom-and-pop, a Fortune 500 company, or somewhere in between.

Merchant Services

People buy more when they don’t have to use cash. If you don’t believe it, give your credit card to a teenager and see what happens. Through our partnership with Atlantic Merchant Services, we allow you to accept credit, debit, and other electronic payments quickly and affordably.

Business Guidance

Business is not only what you know, but also who you know. So, when you need business banking advice it’s nice to know you can turn to our team of experts. We’re here to listen, answer questions, and help you take your company to the next level… and the level after that.

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