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Debt Protection

Common Sense Debt Protection-Because life never goes exactly as planned.
Unexpected events in life don’t play favorites; they can strike anyone at any time-accidents may leave members disabled, without loved ones or you may become unemployed. For all these instances, Y-12 Federal Credit Union is happy to offer Common Sense Debt Protection. With qualifying protections, your loan payments can be protected, up to the limits of your contract, due to loss of life, disability and unemployment.

Coverage plans have death benefits that would pay a loan up to $50,000; disability benefit offering up to 12 months or $12,000 in protection and involuntary unemployment benefit which offers up to six months or $3,000 in protection. Debt protection is available for all consumer loans as well as for VISA credit cards and home equity lines of credit.

Ask for Common Sense Debt Protection for your loan and rest assured that you have the right protection to protect your family, your home and other assets-as well as your credit rating.

Common Sense Debt Protection* is a debt protection product offered by Y-12 Federal Credit Union. Enrollment in this debt protection product is voluntary and not required to obtain a loan. Please contact your Y-12 Federal Credit Union loan officer for additional information about eligibility, terms, conditions and exclusions.
*Interest will continue to accrue. B2ML-0109-B6D8
GAP Plus

GAP Plus

Y-12 FCU is pleased to inform members that we offer Gap Plus on our car loans. If you total your car or if it is stolen, Gap Plus can help eliminate the difference of what you owe on the car and what your insurance company will cover. It may also pay $1,000 towards a new auto (excludes motorcycles) if you finance with Y-12 Federal Credit Union within 90 days of your insurance claim.

Gap Plus is often costly, , but when you get your car loan with Y-12 FCU, the cost is $450. Once purchased, GAP coverage extends through the life of the loan. If you are purchasing from one of our 100+ Dealership partners in our Participating Dealership Program, you may also purchase Y-12 FCU GAP in your vehicle transaction. Just let the dealer personnel know you wish to purchase Y-12 FCU GAP Plus.