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Fee Schedule
Share/Savings Account Fees  
Share/Savings Returned Item fee: $32.00 per item
Share/Savings Statement Copy fee: $1.00 per page
Club Management Excessive Withdrawal/Transfer fee: $10.00 per item, after six (6) withdrawals/transfers per quarter
Third Party Return Item fee: $32.00 per item
Locator fee (per month): $5.00
Share Draft/Checking Account Fees  
Over-Draft fee: $32.00 each
NSF fee: $32.00 each
Member Privilege fee: $32.00 each
Returned Item fee: $32.00 each
Stop Payment fee: $32.00 each
Deposited Item Return fee: $32.00 each
Check Printing fee: Prices may vary depending upon style.
Photocopy fee: $2.00 each
Convenience Account Service fee: $3.50 per month if the minimum balance of $300.00 is not maintained
Premier Account Service fee: $5.00 per month if the minimum balance of $1,000.00 is not maintained
Opportunity Account Service fee: $12.00 per month
Money Market Account Fees  
All Withdrawals by check, transfer, telephone request, preauthorized or automatic transfer less than $500.00 $25.00 each
Share Draft Retrieval (per copy) fee: $2.00 each
Share Draft Statement Copies (per page) fee: $1.00 each
Over-Draft fee: $32.00 each
Share Draft Stop Payment Order fee: $32.00 each
Share Draft Rejects (NSF) fee: $32.00 each
Share Draft Reconciliation fee: $10.00 per hour
$5.00 minimum
Account History fee: $2.00 each
Other Service Fees (applicable to all accounts)  
Account Reconciliation fee: $10.00 per hour
Account Research fee: $25.00 per hour
Statement Copy fee: $1.00 per copy
Deposited Item Return fee: $32.00 per item
Single Service fee: $7.50 per month
Share only less than $100, minors excluded
Domestic Wire Transfer (Outgoing-All) fee: $15.00 per transfer
Business Foreign Wire Transfer(Outgoing) fee: $50.00 per transfer
Consumer Foreign Wire Transfer(Outgoing) fee: $95.00 per transfer
Foreign Wire Transfer(incoming) fee: $15.00 per transfer
Money Order fee: $2.00 per item
Inactive Account fee:
(Dormant 18 months or more)
$15.00 per quarter
Cashier check fee: $4.00 per item
Teller Check fee: $2.00 per check
Electronic Funds Transfer Fees  
Unlimited Easy Street ATM withdrawals per month without a charge.  
All transactions except Easy Street or Co-Op: $1.00 each
Copy of Sales Slip: $7.50 each
Withdrawals on non-sufficient funds: $32.00 each
Replacement Cards: $10.00 each
Bill Pay Stop: $32.00 each
Popmoney Transaction: $.50 each
Express Card Delivery fee: $20.00 each
Special Card Handling fee: $10.00 each
Electronic Payments by Phone: $10.00 each
Electronic Payments Online and via MARS: $5.00 each
Safe Deposit Box Fees  
Annual Rental  
Size: Fee:
3 x 5 $25.00 each
3 x 10 $35.00 each
5 x 5 $45.00 each
5 x 10 $65.00 each
10 x 10 $85.00 each
Change of Lock fee: $125.00 each
Drilling of Box fee: $125.00 each
Lost Key fee: $25.00 each
Past Due annual rental: $15.00 each
All fees are subject to change pending Board of Directors approval.  
Credit Union Membership  
Membership Share: $1.00 par value
Early closure (180 days) $15.00 fee
Levy/Garnishment Processing
(per notification)
$100.00 fee

Full Truth-in-Savings Disclosure

Business Account Disclosure

The rates and fees appearing in this Schedule are accurate and effective for accounts as of the Last Dividend Declaration Date indicated on this Rate and Fee Schedule. If you have any questions or require current rate and fee information on your accounts, please call the Credit Union.

The U.S. Patriot Act is intended to facilitate the prevention, detection, and prosecution of international money laundering and the financing of terrorism. The Act requires accountholders of financial institutions to comply with certain identification verification procedures. All financial institutions are required to verify the identification of accountholders.

In order to comply with the Act, Y-12 Federal Credit Union requires the following documentation prior to opening new accounts and commencing transactions:
  • Individuals must present an unexpired government-issued identification that discloses nationality or place of residence and bears a photograph or similar safeguard. Verification of social security number may be required.
  • Non-individuals must present documents showing the existence of the entity, such as articles of incorporation, government-issued business license, partnership agreement, or trust instrument.