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Card Controls at your fingertips.

At one time or another, you probably wished for more control over your cards – like that time you misplaced your card at the Thai restaurant (or shoe shopping, or when you left it at the gas pump). Well, take a deep breath, relax and know you can take control with Y-12 FCU’s card controls. Use your smart phone to monitor your finances, set spending limits, modify those limits, deactivate your card and – when you inevitably find it in the pocket of your jeans – enable it again.

While you’re there, you can also click on the ‘schedule travel’ link to add information about upcoming travel plans and make use of your card while you’re away. You can do this by simply clicking the Travels tab and you’ll be all set to use your card worry-free during US or international travel.
It's easy!  Look for the Card Control option in the menu on our Mobile App and under Services in our Online Banking. Simply choose the card you would like to deactivate. 

  Learn more with our Mobile Card Control Video

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