Skip Pay Terms & Conditions

  1. I understand that I am allowed two skip payment requests per calendar year in non-consecutive months.
  2. I also understand that this will extend the term of my loan and that the interest will continue to accrue.
  3. If I have GAP coverage on this loan and my vehicle becomes totaled, this skipped payment may not be covered under my GAP policy.
  4. If my payment is made through our ACH program, ten (10) calendar days prior to my due date is required for processing.  This notice will allow all parties sufficient time to properly execute requested modifications.  If my ACH payment cannot be stopped in time, my skipped payment will be delayed until the next scheduled payment.
  5. If I have scheduled recurring payments using the online payment center or another bill pay service, I must log in to that site to suspend the payment.  Y-12 FCU cannot cancel those payments on my behalf.