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Y-12 News > New Phone System Feature
New Phone System Feature

New Phone System Feature
Posted on 4/20/2017

Last year, we implemented a new phone system with features available to enhance your member experience when you call our Contact Center.  We are happy to announce that you can now choose to hear your account information while you wait for a representative. This new feature will require your member account number and your Member Audio Response Service (MARS) pin or the primary member's social. When you enter your account number, you will be able to hear your account balance for savings and checking; any pending ACH deposit you have; your last deposit and withdrawal; you will also hear the last payment you made on your loan and the date of payment.

You will be prompted to take advantage of this feature.  One great reason to choose this feature is when you reach a representative, you will have already been validated or verified unless you have a security word. Another reason to choose this service is you will be able to hear when your pending ACH deposit will be available to you. 

This new enhanced phone system will make for faster service for you.  Our goal is for your member experience with us to be top-notch. 

If you need assistance with your member number, please let us know when you speak with a representative.  We will be glad to answer any questions and we look forward to speaking with you about our new features!