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Y-12 News > Phone Scam Fraud Alert - Be Aware
Phone Scam Fraud Alert  - Be Aware

Phone Scam Fraud Alert - Be Aware
Posted on 7/12/2018

Some members have reported receiving calls stating they are from Y-12 Federal Credit Union's fraud department. The caller is falsely claiming that fraudulent charges have been made on a member’s account then asking for highly sensitive information including the card number, expiration date and the card’s 3-digit CVV security code.
If you receive a call from anyone asking for your full debit or credit card number, expiration date, your 3-digit CVV code, or your PIN, please hang up and call us immediately at 865-482-1043 or 800-482-1043 to report the incident, review your transactions, and report the card information stolen if necessary.
After hours numbers for debit and credit cards is 800-449-7728.

Please remember to never give out your card number, account number, PIN, or security code by phone, text, or email. Y-12FCU will not call to ask you to verify these numbers.

Protect your account by signing up for Fraud Alerts within your online banking account.

After clicking the CONTINUE button, you will be redirected to a web site that is not operated by Y-12 Federal Credit Union. Please review the website's privacy and security policies as they may differ from Y-12 Federal Credit Union.