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Y-12 News > Phone Scam Fraud Alert - Be Aware
Phone Scam Fraud Alert  - Be Aware

Phone Scam Fraud Alert - Be Aware
Posted on 7/12/2018

Some members have reported receiving calls that appear to originate from Y-12 Federal Credit Union. These calls look like they come from Y-12 FCU telephone numbers, 865-482-1043 and our 800 number, 800-482-1043. The caller is falsely claiming that fraudulent charges have been made on a member’s account then asking for highly sensitive information including the card number, expiration date and the card’s 3-digit CVV security code.
If you receive a call from anyone asking for your full debit or credit card number, expiration date, your 3-digit CVV code, or your PIN, please hang up and call us immediately at 865-482-1043 or 800-482-1043 to report the incident, review your transactions, and report the card information stolen if necessary.
After hours numbers for debit and credit cards is 800-449-7728.

Please remember to never give out your card number, account number, PIN, or security code by phone, text, or email. Y-12FCU will not call to ask you to verify these numbers.

Protect your account by signing up for Fraud Alerts within your online banking account.