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Y-12 News > Change to Minimum Balance Requirement
Change to Minimum Balance Requirement

Change to Minimum Balance Requirement
Posted on 12/28/2017

Effective January 1st, you are now only required to maintain a $1 balance in your primary share for your credit union membership.  Establishing a membership account at any credit union requires depositing and maintaining a par value share.  For Y-12 FCU, the par value amount has always been $5.  Effective January 1st, the par value requirement will be lowered to only $1.  This change is part of our ongoing efforts to simplify our processes and make things more efficient for both members and staff.


What does this mean to you?  When you log into online or mobile banking or look at your printed statements, you will notice that your available balance in the primary share has increased by $4.  In most cases, the difference between your available and actual balance on your primary share account will only be $1.  We believe this is a positive change for both existing and potential Y-12 FCU members!


If you have any questions regarding your account or how this change impacts you, please contact us at 865-482-1043 or by email at [email protected]