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Run by and for the Students, in partnership with Y-12 Federal Credit Union.

In 2010, Y-12 FCU partnered with two schools to open our first student-run branches.  That program has grown to include 9 high schools and 3 middle schools.  Thousands of students have had the opportunity to open credit union accounts, to learn about establishing good financial habits, and many have gained hands-on experience working as volunteer Member Service Consultants.

Students who are selected to work in our student-run in school branches can expect to develop the following skills:

  • Resume writing and interviewing techniques
  • Professionalism and team work
  • Responsibility and leadership skills                      
  • Increased student confidence
  • Money counting                                                                                     
  • Importance of healthy savings habits
  • Interpersonal and communication skills
  • Increased math skills and more
In addition, student workers will qualify to apply for paid internships at Y-12 Federal Credit Union.  We also support our schools through financial education programs for ALL students.

Benefits of having a Student-Run Credit Union Branch:

  • Y-12 Federal Credit Union gives you the first $1.00 for opening up a savings account.
  • No minimum amount required to start your WOW debit account.
  • Opportunity to earn a $10.00 incentive every quarter for using your WOW account responsibly.
  • No fees for youth accounts.
  • Qualify for Youth Certificate with minimum $100 deposit, unlimited deposits and one-time $20 bonus.
  • One-time $5 bonus for E-statement enrollment
  • Awesome mobile app
  • Eligible for special promotions and giveaways at your school branch.
  • Gift on your birthday
  • Eligible to earn scholarships from Y-12 Federal Credit Union as a senior in high school.

For more information about our school branch program, please contact our Financial Outreach Team.

Anderson County Schools 

Maverick Credit Union logo
Anderson County High School
Maverick Credit Union
Opened September 2010
1058 Students
The Dragon Vault Credit Union
Clinton High School
Dragon Vault Credit Union
Opened October 2011
1116 Students

Oak Ridge Schools

Wildcat Credit Union logo
Oak Ridge High School
Wildcat Credit Union
Opened September 2011
1458 Students

Blount County Schools

  Governors Gold Credit Union logo
William Blount High School
Governor's Gold Credit Union
Opened October 2015
1714 Students
Royal Treasury Credit Union
Eagleton Middle School
Royal Treasury Credit Union
Opened September 2010
387 Students
Union Grove Credit Union
Union Grove Middle School
Union Grove Credit Union
Opened January 2012
756 Students

Campbell County Schools

Cougar Credit Union
Campbell County High School
Cougar Credit Union
Opened October 2012
1548 Students
Eagle Credit Union logo
Jacksboro Middle School
Eagle Credit Union
Opened February 2016
523 Students

Knox County Schools

Beaver Bucks Credit Union 
Karns High School
Beaver Bucks Credit Union
October 2012
1198 Students
Golden Gryphon Credit Union 
L & N Stem Academy
Golden Gryphon Credit Union
Opened April 2015
565 Students
Powell Panthers Credit Union logo 
Powell High School
Powell Panthers Credit Union
Opened January 2017
1367 Students
The Hawks' Credit Union 
Hardin Valley Academy
The Hawks' Credit Union
Opened August 2017
1926 Students

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