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I am considering opening an Online Banking Bill Payer Account with Internet Access. What type of security do you offer?
The confidentiality of our members/owners account information is a primary concern for your credit union and we have built a security system within our Online Banking Bill Payer that safeguards your money and keeps your account information private.
  • We use several layers of technology to prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to our Online Banking network. Our security professionals manage a sophisticated networking architecture that includes screening routers, filtering routers, and firewalls. In addition, we use software from Netscape Communications that incorporates full RSA data encryption to ensure security and privacy of transactions.
  • We make sure all Online Banking sessions are encrypted. This means your password, as well as all information relating to you and your accounts employ the transformation of data into a format that can be safely transmitted, without fear of anyone intercepting and reading the information.
What can I do to protect my accounts and personal information while using the Online Banking Bill Payer Service?
Y-12 Federal Credit Union takes numerous steps to keep your account information secure, but you also play a vital role in maintaining the security of your information.
  • Use the latest browser versions of either Netscape Communicator or Internet Explorer to take advantage of the latest in security features for Internet Access. Netscape Communicator and Microsoft Internet Explorer display the security of their browser with either a key or lock in the lower portion of your browser. You may visit either one of the browser sites to obtain additional information about security associated with your level of browser software.
  • Never reveal your password. Change your password often to ensure secure access to your account(s). You can easily change your password under the Maintenance area within Online Banking.
  • Make sure that no one is physically watching as you enter your password.
  • Remember to exit the Online Banking Bill Payer service when leaving the computer. If the computer is left unattended and a valid User I.D. and Password have been entered, anyone can view and even perform transactions.
  • Our Online Banking Bill Payer Service may be used in 15-minute increments to ensure the security of your account.
Contact us immediately if you feel someone other than yourself has obtained access to your PIN. Upon account verification, we can provide you with the ability to access your account and allow you to select your new password.
What are the system requirements for using the Online Banking Bill Payer Service?
Requirements for those with a PC (IBM-Compatible): Requirements for those with a Macintosh:
What hours will the Bill Payer Service be available to me?
The Online Banking Bill Payer Service will be available seven days a week, 24 hours a day. However, at certain times such as, quarter and year-end processing or system maintenance, the system may be unavailable.
Will there be a help desk?
There is support on a 24/7 basis by calling 1-888-518-7446. You may also call our Y-12 FCU Home Banking Line by calling 865-481-4999 or 1-800-482-1043, Monday - Friday from 8:30am to 5:30pm. You may also email us at OnlineBanking@y12fcu.org. If we cannot resolve your problem when you call, we will take the necessary information and contact you with an answer the following business day.
What information do I need to have when calling Y-12 FCU User Information Desk?
Please have the following information when calling:
  • Your Bill Pay Member ID
  • The payee name, scheduled payment amount and date
  • The confirmation number you received when setting up your payment.
What do I need to do to obtain the Online Banking Bill Payer Service?
Sign on to your Online Banking account and choose Online Banking Bill Payment Options. Follow the instructions to register and set up your payees.
How will I know when my Online Banking Bill Payer Service application has been processed?
You will receive notification via e-mail generally within an hour, that your payment authorization has been processed.
Which account can I use to transfer my bill payment request?
You can pay bills from your Y12 F.C.U. share draft account.
How much does the Online Banking Bill Payer Service Cost?
Online Banking Bill Payer is FREE* no matter how many bills you pay per month. If there are insufficient funds in your account to cover the bill, you will be charged a $32 fee assessed by Check Free. Returned check fees may also apply from Y-12 Federal Credit Union.
  For answers to any other questions, please choose the help menu after signing in to your bill pay account.

*As an added feature, you may express pay a bill for a $15 fee.

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