Y-12 Mobile Finance Manager
List of Commands
Once your mobile phone is enrolled, you may send the following commands:

  • Y12FCU B to obtain all account balances
  • Y12FCU H to obtain the five most recent transactions for all accounts
  • Y12FCU H acct to obtain the five most recent transactions for a specific account (e.g. Y12FCU H S01)
  • Y12FCU X source dest amount to transfer dollar amount from source account to destination account (e.g. Y12FCU X S00 L01 50.00)
  • Y12FCU HELP to obtain list of available commands
  • Y12FCU QUIT to deactivate SMS mobile banking

The commands are not case sensitive. For example, you can use 'y12fcu b' as well as 'Y12FCU B' to obtain balances. Note, standard text messaging fees from your phone carrier will apply. Examples of requests and responses:

Obtain all balances request:
To: 41411
Message: "Y12FCU B"
04/13 01:50pm
S01: $6,371.04
S05: $3,160.48
S06: $4,939.52
L01: $5,002.99
L02: $129,994.05

Obtain recent transactions request:
To: 41411
Message: "Y12FCU H"
04/20 S05 $9.95 Deposit KIOS
04/19 S01 ($20.76) Withdrawal
04/19 S05 $2.91 Deposit INTE
03/15 L02 $100.00 Deposit KI
03/02 S06 $5.00 Deposit KIOS

Obtain recent transactions for share S01 request:
To: 41411
Message: "Y12FCU H S01"
S01 history:
04/19 ($20.76) Withdrawal
02/20 $5.76 Deposit INTE
01/19 $5.91 Deposit INTE
01/25 $9.99 Deposit KIOS
01/24 $2.07 Deposit KIOS

Transfer $100 from share S00 to loan L01:
To: 41411
Message: "Y12FCU X S00 L01 100"
Transfer of $100.00 from S00 to L01 completed.

New balances:
S00: $100,283.79
L01: $100.00

Confirmation #: 1000000116


  • Error 15500: Could not access your account due to a password issue.
    This error message means your account could not be accessed to answer your SMS request. If you HAVE NOT recently changed your online banking password, please call 800-482-1043. If you HAVE recently changed your online banking password, please log into mobile.y12fcu.org with your new password to re-enable SMS mobile banking.
  • Error 15502: Could not access account due to USERPASS LOCKOUT.
    If you receive this error message, it means your Y-12 FCU account has been disabled after too many invalid access attempts. Please call 800-482-1043 to unlock your account.

Mobile Banking Agreement

All terms and conditions applicable to Y-12 Federal Credit Union's service Online Banking apply to Mobile Banking services. Y-12 Federal Credit Union offers SMS mobile banking as a FREE service. A data service plan is not required to use this service; however standard text messaging fees from your phone carrier will apply. Y-12 Federal Credit Union does not support your cell phone device. We are not responsible for any errors, failures or any malfunction of your mobile device, the browser or software. You are responsible for the security and security settings of your device. Y-12 Federal Credit Union also is not responsible for any virus or related problems that may be associated with the use of an online system.
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