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Member Privilege
Member Privilege is an overdraft privilege that can be assigned to each Y-12 Federal Credit Union checking account (60 days after the open date). This service is FREE until you need it. Member Privilege saves you the discomfort and embarrassment of bouncing a check or having your debit card declined when making a transaction.

For each transaction presented, in which funds are not currently available, we pay the item rather than return to the merchant (up to limit maximum). In addition, a Member Privilege fee of $32 is charged for each item paid. Transactions are defined as checks, ACH postings (such as automated payments coming from your account), withdrawals made with a teller, one-time debit card transactions or ATM withdrawals.

Once a transaction is paid with Member Privilege (account balance is negative), you have 30 calendar days to make a deposit to bring the account balance positive. Once the account balance is positive, the draft account has the full Member Privilege protection available to use over and over again. 

If you wish to "Opt Out" of the Member Privilege Program or would like more information, please contact us at 865-482-1043, 800-482-1043 or Y12FCU@y12fcu.org.

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