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Kids Accounts

Penny Penguin (ages 0 to 12)

Introduce your child to The Penny Penguin Club, Y-12 Federal Credit Union’s exciting savings program especially for kids ages 12 and under. The Penny Penguin Club is designed to help our young members learn the value of money. With The Penny Penguin Club, kids will have the tools needed to learn financial responsibility.

When your child (or any relative ages 12 and under) joins The Penny Penguin Club, he/she will have a savings and will be encouraged to develop savings goals.

As a Penny Penguin Club member, your child will receive:
  • An ID card and holder containing a passbook to keep track of account transactions and a plastic coin that can be saved and redeemed for prizes
  • Penny Penguin Club birthday card mailed during the child’s birthday month that can be redeemed for a free gift
  • Special one year Chillin’ Share Certificate designed to motivate kids to save money
  • All members in this age range will be automatically enrolled in The Penny Penguin Club
There is absolutely NO COST involved in joining The Penny Penguin Club, just a minimum initial $1 to open the account. Anyone who joins The Penny Penguin Club can remain a member of the credit union for life - no matter where they live (as long as the account remains in good standing). Get your child off to a good financial start with The Penny Penguin Club!
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Impact (ages 13 up to 18)

Y-12 Federal Credit Union offers financial services and education geared towards students ages 13 up to 18. We call it Impact, and it provides everything needed to take the first step towards financial freedom and independence.

With Impact, students can open an easy and convenient savings account and also learn valuable lessons related to making, saving and spending money. It’s the perfect financial program for someone just starting out, or anyone looking for cost-effective financial services designed specifically with students in mind.

Impact savings account members will receive:
  • Opening gift with new membership.
  • Monthly statement to teach teens the importance of financial management.
  • Youth certificate (12 month term, $100 minimum) designed to motivate teens to save money. At one year maturity date, youth will receive a $20 deposit to their account.
  • Impact birthday card redeemable for free gift.
Students can open an account with a minimum initial $1 deposit. Anyone who joins Impact can remain a member of the credit union for life - no matter where he/she lives (as long as the account remains in good standing).
Accounts and services available for Impact Members:

Free Checking - Impact members can open our FREE checking account (no minimum deposit) and receive a free CheckLink debit card. We’ll also give you the first box of checks free (select styles) to get you started!

Online Banking - Impact members can access their account 24 hours a day, seven days a week using our Online Banking service. You can check account activity, transfer funds between your accounts or request a check from an account.

Savings Services - All Impact members will have a regular share account that requires a $1 minimum balance. This savings account can be accessed any time with no withdrawal penalty. We have many other investment options for teens who want to save more, including our Youth Certificate. Just ask one of our member service representatives to help find the right account for you!

Scholarship Opportunity - We also offer the opportunity to apply for the Y-12 Federal Credit Union Scholarship.

Visit one of our branch locations to open an account today!

Learn how your deposits are insured.

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