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Mutual funds are an easy way to own stocks without worrying about choosing individual stocks. How? Mutual funds are a single portfolio of stocks, bonds, and/or cash spread across many different companies and managed by a fund manager on behalf of many investors. When you invest in a mutual fund, you become a part owner of an investment portfolio, along with all the other shareholders of the fund. When you purchase shares, the fund manager invests your funds, along with the money contributed by the other shareholders.

By owning many different investments vehicles, mutual funds allow investors a way to invest wisely, spread risk, and maximize opportunities to grow value.

Mutual funds have become popular because they offer 4 main advantages:

  • Diversification.A single mutual fund can hold securities from hundreds or even thousands of issuers, far more than most investors could afford on their own. This diversification sharply reduces the risk of a serious loss due to problems in a particular company or industry.
  • Professional management. Few investors have the time or expertise to manage their personal investments every day, to efficiently reinvest interest or dividend income, or to investigate the thousands of securities available in the financial markets. They prefer to rely on a mutual fund's investment adviser. With access to extensive research, market information, and skilled securities traders, the adviser decides which securities to buy and sell for the fund.
  • Liquidity. Shares in a mutual fund can be bought and sold quickly, so investors have ready access to their money.
  • Convenience. Mutual funds offer services that make investing easier. Fund shares can be bought or sold through Lee Nickle in our Insurance and Investment Department. You can even schedule automatic investments into a fund from your credit union account, or you can arrange automatic transfers from a fund to your credit union account to meet expenses. Most major fund companies offer extensive record keeping services to help you track your transactions, complete your tax returns, and follow your funds' performance.

For more information please call Lee Nickle at 865-481-0846 or e-mail today.
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