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CyberLink Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How do I access the CyberLink On-line Transaction Service?
A: You can access our online service at our site once you have completed and returned the CyberLink application to us. Click here to access the CyberLink application. Complete it and then mail or bring it to your local credit union branch location.

Q: How much does the CyberLink service cost?
A: There is no cost for the CyberLink Service.

Q: Will there be a help desk?
A: The Y-12 FCU Home Banking Line is available by calling 865-481-4999, Monday - Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. If we cannot resolve your problem when you call, we will take the necessary information and contact you with an answer the following business day. Or, you may email us at cyberlink@y12fcu.org.

Q: What information do I need to have when calling the CyberLink Response Center?
A: Please have the following information when calling:
  1. Your Y-12 Federal Credit Union Account Number
  2. The type and level of browser you are using
  3. The operating system that you are using
  4. The name of your Internet Service Provider (ISP)
The Y-12 FCU Home Banking Line is available by calling 481-4999, Monday - Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. If we cannot resolve your problem when you call we will take the necessary information and contact you with an answer the following business day. Or, you may email us at cyberlink@y12fcu.org.

Q: What number do I use for a user I.D. when entering the CyberLink service?
A: To log on to the CyberLink service, you will need to enter your primary account number without the two-digit suffix. For example, if your account number is 1234-00, omit the 0's and simply enter 1234.

Q: What password do I use when I sign on to the CyberLink service for the first time?
A: You will be notified of the password to use when you sign up for the service. We will notify you via email of the password you will need to use the first time you log in. You should then immediately go to the change password area and select a PIN of your choice.

Q: How do I change my password?
A: You may go into Service Tab within CyberLink, click on Change Password to change your current password.

Q: What do I need to do if I forget my password?
A: Please call us immediately. Although we do not have access to your password, we can assign you a new temporary password to sign on to the CyberLink service and then under the Service Tab, select change password to input the new password of your choice.

Q: Why is there a maximum of 60 days history available?
A: Y-12 Federal Credit Union's computer system stores 60 days worth of transaction activity online. Transactions older than 60 days are archived in a format that cannot be retrieved on demand or written to a file for download. If you need account information further back than 60 days, please contact any one of our offices.

Q: Why can't I move back and forth quickly through pages I've already viewed? CyberLink has to reload the page every time I want to go back to it.
A: CyberLink's use of Secure Socket Layering (SSL) technology does not allow the caching of images received. This security feature prevents unauthorized users from viewing your confidential account information after you have completed a CyberLink session.

Q: I access the Internet through America On-Line (AOL). Can I use CyberLink service through AOL?
A: You can use CyberLink Branch through AOL. The latest version of AOL, version 7 web browser supports encryption technology used by CyberLink to protect your confidential financial information. For optimum appearance of the screens, we recommend you use Netscape Navigator 6 or Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 5.0 or higher. You would log onto the Internet through your AOL connection, minimize the AOL program, and start Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer. You can then go to our web site at www.y12fcu.org and access CyberLink Branch.

Q: I tried to sign on, but I got a message stating the system or server was unavailable, what is the problem?
A: From time to time, Y-12 Federal Credit Union must take the CyberLink system off-line for routine maintenance, software upgrades, month end, quarter end, year end statement processing, and other system work. It's a rare occurrence, but when it does happen, you'll get this message. If we know that our system will be unavailable to members for an extended period of time, we will post a notice on our site.

Q: Do you offer the Bill Payer Service On The CyberLink Online Service?
A: Yes, this service is available. Please see the Bill Pay Area in our CyberLink Internet Transaction Service area.

Q: What are the hours of accessability to the CyberLink Online Service?
A: You may access your Y-12 Federal Credit Union accounts through our CyberLink Internet Transaction Service seven days a week, 24 hours a day. However, at certain times, some or all of CyberLink may not be available due to system maintenance. During these times, you may access your account through our Member Audio Response Service at 865-483-6277 or 1-800-676-3335, or at a MoneyBelt and/or PLUS ATM.

Q: How do I Obtain the Latest Version of Internet Explorer or Netscape?
A: You may download the latest version from within our CyberLink area. Simply click on either icon to obtain the latest version.


Autos 2010-2016 as low as 2.49% APR
60-Month Certificate as high as 1.25% APY
Home Equity-Variable Interest Only as low as 4.00% APR
*Rates subject to change; certain restrictions apply.(1)APR (2)APY
Your savings federally insured to at least $250,000
and backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government National Credit Union Administration, a U.S. Government Agency
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