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e-Alerts are available for all Y-12 Federal Credit Union Online Banking members.

e-Alerts are messages sent to you to notify you via text and/or email of certain transactions or events happening on your account. Some examples include: 
  • low balance
  • low available balance
  • daily balance summary
  • insufficient funds (NSF)
  • large withdrawal
  • direct deposit received
  • loan past due
  • and more!

There are several more alert options available, and there is no limit to how many you can sign up for.

To set up your e-Alerts, just log into your Online Banking account to get started. Then, click on the "Services" tab to set up your alerts. You can manage your e-Alerts at any time through our Online Banking system.



Sign up for PayPrompt and never miss your loan payment again. PayPrompt is a  text messaging service that will send reminder texts when loan payments are coming due.  You will receive an initial text asking if you would like to receive recurring payment messages 15 days before your loan payment is due.  If you opt in, you will receive a monthly reminder text 15 days prior to the due date.  You will receive another reminder text 10 days before the due date if the payment hasn’t been made, and again 3 days before the due date if the payment hasn’t been made.  If the payment hasn’t been made 3 days after the due date, another reminder text will be sent.

To opt in a later time, simply call 833-876-6917 for assistance.