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1. Debit Purchases:
There are two different ways to run your card to make a purchase, (1) as a Debit with the PIN Number, or (2) as a Credit where you authorize the purchase with your signature. Both methods will take the money from your savings or checking (however your account is set up).
(a) Debit with PIN: This type of transaction will pull the money from your account almost immediately upon authorization.
(b) Credit with Signature: This type of transaction will place the money on hold with in your account upon authorization. The hold will last for up to 3 days to give the business the opportunity to collect their payment. The money on hold is deducted from your balance and cannot be used to clear any other item coming through on your account.

Tip # 1: Whenever possible, we recommend using the PIN for transactions. This will help to avoid debit holds that can sometimes cause fees.

Tip # 2: As useful a tool as the debit card is, there are some transactions that we recommend avoiding or monitoring closely.
(a) Gas Purchases: Using a debit card in a gas pump can be very convenient, but when doing this type of transaction we recommend running the card as a Credit. If you use the PIN in the gas pump, it can place any amount up to $75.00 on hold in your account as well as pulling the amount of your purchase.
Credit purchases through the gas pump do not place the standard hold on your account that a regular credit purchase does. You would need to deduct the amount of the purchase from your available balance until it clears the account.
(b) Restaurants: When you run your card as a credit at a restaurant, we recommend leaving a tip with cash at the table. If you add a tip to the card after the purchase has already been processed, the purchase will be cleared from your account for a different amount than the hold item. The system will not recognize the different amounts as the same transaction. The hold would not release when the item cleared which can cause other purchases to incur fees.
(c) Hotels, Airports, Rental Cars: When making reservations with your debit card, these businesses tend to put one large amount on hold, but clear the items as several smaller transactions. The system would not recognize these as the same transaction, the large hold would not release, and fees could be incurred for other transactions. A good recommendation is to use an Actual Credit Card for these types of transactions.
(d) Internet: With the amount of scams and hackers steadily of the rise, we donít recommend using a debit card for Internet transactions. Instead, consider using an Actual Credit Card, or even a Visa Gift Card that would be in no way linked to your account.


Autos 2011-2017 as low as 2.74% APR
60-Month Certificate as high as 1.25% APY
Home Equity-Variable Interest Only as low as 4.00% APR
*Rates subject to change; certain restrictions apply.(1)APR (2)APY
NMLS #441816
Your savings federally insured to at least $250,000 and backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government National Credit Union Administration, a U.S. Government Agency
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